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John Page


For April 18-May 11, your assignment is as follows:

-Complete any Tooling U lessons that aren't completed.

-Contact me with any content questions you feel you haven't mastered for individualized answers and/or instruction.

-Watch these videos.  Be prepared to discuss via email or phone call.

Intro to Stick Welding   

Stick Welding Tips  

How to Restart Your Welds in All Positions Using Stick 

3/8" Plate Test 3G | Stick Welding

Stick Welding Tips for Passing a Structural Plate Welding Test Part 1

The fastest way to learn Electric Welding/Vertical Welding

Beginner's Guide to MIG Welding

How To MIG Weld: MIG Welding Basics Demo Part 1 

How to MIG Weld:  MIG Welding Basics Demo Part 2

Beginning Welding Series:  Learn How to MIG E.4


Also, if you want to take a dual credit class next year, please go online and complete this application.  The link ONLY takes you to a PDF copy of directions for completing the application process.  Please print it and use it as a guide for this SKYCTC website link:   START YOUR APPLICATION .  Please select Monroe County ATC as your school and our address is 757 Old Mulkey Road, Tompkinsville, KY  42167..  You will also need your social security number.  If you have already had or currently have DC classes with SKYCTC, you still need to complete the process; but you will skip to Step 2.


For March 30-April 3, your assignment is to write a general essay that could be used in many scholarship applications.  For NTI assignment purposes, please write or type a 1 ½ -2 page essay on why you should be the recipient of a scholarship, your immediate plans after graduation, and your goals for the next 5 years.


March 16-27: *COVID-19 Assignment:  Log into ToolingU using your usual information and complete at least 3 lessons.  If you are behind, use this time to be sure that you are caught up and completed at least 1-14.  You are welcome to complete more because the sooner we complete this curriculum, the sooner we will be in the shop with no computer lab days.

Lesson Overview:  /userfiles/1186/my files/toolingu classes.pdf?id=61386


Hi, I am John M. Page and am the Welding Technology Teacher at Monroe County Area Technology Center.  My trainings and certifications include being a Boilermaker Journeyman Certified Pressure Welder, Certified Plate Welder, Certified Associate Weld Inspector with American Welding Society, Industrial Maintenance Journeyman, and I am currently attending Western Kentucky University.


My work experience includes 8 years as an Industrial Mechanic and Welder with Belden Wire and Cable, 12 years as a Boilermaker (Local 455) Certified Pressure and Plate Welder, and 3 years, here, as an ATC Weld Instructor and Certified Associate Weld Inspector.


I offer classes that support the Welding Pipefitters TRACK pathway.  They are Oxy-Fuel Systems, Shielded Metal Arc Welding Groove Welds with Backing Lab, and an Open Groove Lab.  Along with these courses, students can work towards earning the KY State DOT Welding Certification.  I am also a Co-Sponsor of Skills USA.


My interests include spending time with my son, Johnathan, as well as hunting, fishing, and football.


In teaching, it is most rewarding when I see students who have learned and understood what I have taught. I enjoy being able to pass down a trade and skill that I have worked to build for so many years.


You are always welcome to contact me by calling (270)487-8261 or by emailing .

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