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Transportation/Safe Schools

Transportation Director
Kevin Cloyd
Transportation Director

Transportation Director; Director of Student Services; Extended School Service; Textbooks; Evaluations; Safe Schools Director; Superintendent's Liaison for Student Services; School Resource Officer Supervisor; District Security Director; Building Drills Compliance (fire, tornado, etc); Homeland Security Contact; Central Office Discipline Contact; School Bus Monitors; Two Way Radios; Traffic Safety Inspections



Transportation Safety Videos for Students








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Safe Schools/Crisis Preparedness

Kevin Cloyd , Safe Schools Director
Sandy England, Crisis Coordinator
It is the responsibility of the Monroe County School District to provide a safe and drug free learning environment for all students.
The following list are some of the services implemented by the Monroe County School System.
Random Drug Testing
School Resource Officer at MCHS
State of the Art Security Systems
Monthly Safety, Security, and Playground Checks
Crisis Plans
Teacher Emergency Guides
Staff Safety Training
CPR Classes for staff
Lock Down Drills
Regular Tornado, Fire, and Earthquake Drills
Vulnerability Assessments
State Safety Assessments
Provide Information to parents regarding emergency
and crisis situations
Crisis Teams
Emergency Response Teams
Drug Sweep using drug dogs at Middle & High School
Provide Employee Name Badges for all staff members