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Tommy Geralds
Buildings & Grounds/Migrant

Facilities Director; Maintenance Director; Construction Oversight; Facilities Planning Committee Leader; Custodial Supervisor; (Building Safety Inspections; Playground Safety Compliance Inspections) Migrant, Title IX, National Board Certified Teachers
Maintenance Support Staff

Thomas Chandler, David Graves, Bobby Crowe, Ronnie Butler, Timmy Proffitt
Migrant Support Staff
Paula Gee, Karla Cloyd, Emily Tooley
The Migrant program is a federally-funded program that serves children ages 3-21 of families who move into the county to find temporary or seasonal work in agriculture. The purpose of the program is to provide support and services to meet the needs of the families in order to remove barriers to promote education. The Migrant office is located at Tompkinsville Elementary School.  They can be reached at 270-487-0003.