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Early Childhood

Jamie England
Adult Education Coordinator/Wee Care Day Care Director

Located at Tompkinsville Elementary School & Gamaliel Elementary School 

Sponsored by the Monroe County Board Of Education



The Monroe County Board Of Education recognizes the need for quality childcare for children of working parents. With this in mind, programs have been designed to meet the needs of children of various age levels. The cornerstone of the program is the relationship between the children and the primary care givers. This relationship provides feelings of love, trust, security, and consistency, which are essential ingredients for quality childcare. The centers are places where children are introduced to materials, people, and an environment designed to meet the needs and to encourage personal growth and learning as well as a feeling of self-worth and success.



Every child should be offered the opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. To meet this need with excellence, we will develop the whole child with physical, cultural, social, and intellectual activities. We will support, motivate, and nurture each child.

The goals of the Monroe County Schools Daycare Programs are:

  1. To support and strengthen the family unit on: Helping parents to be more productive at work knowing their child is safe and well supervised and to increase quality time at home together.
  2. To help children develop their fullest potential focusing on: Self-awareness, confidence, feelings of self worth, interpersonal relationships, values development, academic achievement, physical skills, health, and nutrition.
  3. To deliver the program in a positive environment of safety, support, and care focusing on: Having all children be safe and happy in the program.


The daily design of each program will be unique according to the age and development level of the children it serves. Wee Care Daycare will follow a daily routine helping to build predictability. A daily schedule will be posted noting the sequence of events for each day. These programs will offer time for free play, exploration, small and large group activities, outside time, and occasional field trips and excursions. These activities will help promote the development of social, mental, and physical growth in each child.


  • All our programs staff are warm, loving persons who are dedicated to the care and well being of all the children. Staff is required to attend a minimum of fifteen hours of certified training annually.
  • A minimum of one staff person trained in CPR and First Aid will be on site at all times in each room.
  • All staff will complete a criminal check before being employed.


If you would like more information about any of our programs or tour our facility, please call 270-487-0901