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COVID-19 NTI Days Instructions

For April 13-May 1, please click on the staff link and select your teacher.  Specific directions are listed there.


ALSO, be sure you are submitting your completed work.  Thank you!


Notes and Announcements:

We have focused on the following:

  1. Student Assignments:  Teachers have planned student lessons and posted to individual teacher webpages.  Hard copies have also been provided to the high schools and to principals. Students who have online curriculum assignments (Tooling U, Today’s Class, G-Metrix, and Pharmacy) need to completely finish all of these so that they will be in good standing when holds are lifted on industry certifications.  All assignments need to be submitted by email, turned into the high school, or pictures taken of completed work and submitted.
  2. Dual Credit:  Teachers have been working with students and SKYCTC to ensure coursework is being completed and all expectations and obligations are being met.
    1. We are also communicating with SKYCTC to prepare for Fall 2020 Dual Credit Registrations.  Any student in Business, Health Sciences, Electricity, Welding or interested in Industrial Maintenance and would like to take courses for dual credit needs to access our website and go to the staff member’s page and find the link to the SKYCTC dual credit application and instructions.  This process needs to be completed prior to August for efficiency in registration.
      1. Important Note:  We were just informed that all placement test requirements for the upcoming year (Fall 2020-Spring 2021) have been lifted.  GPA’s will be the only requirement and vary based on course requests. (Incoming freshmen may take dual credit even though they won’t have a GPA yet as long as they get teacher/counselor/principal recommendation.)
  3. Industry Certifications:  We are maintaining communication with the state level advisors regarding Industry Certifications.  Arrangements will be made to allow seniors ready to certify the opportunity to come in and complete remaining steps for certifications once holds are lifted and gathering is allowed for such processes.  We will work with underclassmen to continue to gain skills needed and be ready to certify by the time they are a senior.  It is important that students are in good standing in order to certify—students will be in good standing by completing posted assignments or the hard copies.
  4. Carl Perkins Grant:  We have collaborated on needs for our school and successfully completed and submitted our grant.  We have been awarded a plasma cutter for Welding Technology, a programmer and other tools for Automotive Technology, as well as a sublimation machine for Business Education.

Please contact Jerri Rowland at Jerri.Rowland@Monroe.KYSchools.US or at 270-487-1407 for any questions.





We are very sorry for the interruption during the Zoom meeting. 


Note from Mrs. Alison Bechtold regarding Zoom interruption:  

Hello all,

  Well, obviously that did not go as planned!  I am so sorry, and please pass on our sincere apologies to your students and parents who may have been tuning in.  We were not aware of the hacking issues Zoom has been encountering lately.  We will reschedule our session very soon using a more secure platform and hope that you will join us again.



We have scheduled a Zoom session for this Friday, April 3rd at 1:00PM CST to address any and all questions about dual credit – whether those be about current classes, billing, payment, scholarships, placement testing, next year’s enrollment, and beyond.  We may not have every answer right now, but we will share all of the information we have and make note of anything we need to follow up on.  After this initial online session, we plan to work with you to schedule school-specific sessions for your students/parents if that would be helpful. 

Please share the Zoom meeting info below with your parents and students, and we hope you will be able to join us Friday. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 703 961 020
Password: 011077


Ali and the SKYCTC Dual Credit Team

UPDATE For March 30-April 3

ATC Assignment for

Automotive, Business (non dual credit), Carpentry, Electricity, Welding, Wood Pro, Monroe Health Sciences--Principles of Health Science only

(Dual Credit may have additional requirements from the college.)

Monroe County High School Students

For March 30-April 3, your assignment is to write a general essay that could be used in many scholarship applications.  For NTI assignment purposes, please write or type a 1 ½ -2 page essay on why you should be the recipient of a scholarship, your immediate plans after graduation, and your goals for the next 5 years.

If you are a Monroe County High School senior, please consider doing this for the Stephens' Manufacturing Scholarship and be sure that it is turned into the ATC or the high school’s scholarship drop box by April 13th at 2:45 so that it can be considered for one of the $500 scholarships. Be sure you have it submitted on time if you want to be considered and aren't doing it for NTI purposes only.

If you are an underclassmen or a Metcalfe County High School student, please consider this great, worthwhile practice and as a draft for the scholarship essays you will need as a senior. If you are an underclassmen, you can write it from the perspective that you are a senior…this can help you to think about your current plans and goals and make sure you are on the right track to achieve what you want by the time you are a senior.  Then, when you are a senior, you can take this draft and update it.  If you are a Metcalfe student, you can write it for a scholarship offered at Metcalfe County High.

*If you are a senior and turn it in by April 13th to be considered for the scholarship, Mrs. Rowland will also make a copy of it and give it to your ATC teacher(s).

If you are doing it for NTI purposes, you can save it until we return, you can email or drop off at the high school.


BUSINESS EDUCATION Dual Credit:  Continue to login to your Google classroom for specific instructions from Mrs. Cook.

HEALTH SCIENCES:  Mrs. Murphy:  Principles of Health Sciences--essay described above, Medical Terminology--Make flashcards for all terms and study (SKYCTC Blackboard test week after Spring Break), MNA--view all videos and practice all skills as well as be sure that all chapters and workbook assignments are complete.

HEALTH SCIENCES:  Mrs. Smith--See Metcalfe County Webpage and Canvass Classroom Assignments.

Contact Jerri.Rowland@Monroe.KYSchools.US if you have any questions.



KY Tech

Monroe County Area Technology Center

NTI Information for All Programs


General instructions are listed below for each Teacher/Program offered at our center.  Please reference the program(s) you have and complete assignments as instructed. 

Please be sure to complete all parts accurately and thoroughly as grades will be assigned for these assignments.   

These assignments are for March 18-27, 2020.

Please feel free to contact Principal Jerri Rowland with any questions at Jerri.Rowland@Monroe.KYSchools.US or any of the program teachers.


School Website Address:


Automotive Technology (Chris Graves):  Log into Today’s Class using your usual information and complete at least 3 lessons (D Class-Electrical—you only have two remaining unless you are behind.)  You may use any notes that you take over this on your final and you can write the quiz questions and answers in your notes as well.  You must score at least a 60 for the lesson to count and you can retake it as many times as you’d like (this setting has been enabled).  If you score over a 60 the first time, but would like a higher score, you can email Mr. Graves and he will reset it ONLY one time. If you complete all remaining Today’s Class lessons, you will be able to spend the remainder of the year in the shop; so please take advantage of this opportunity to complete these lessons.  (Email:  Chris.Graves@Monroe.KYSchools.USClick here for my webpage.


Business Education (Mitzy Cook):  All directions have been placed on Google Classroom for each class.   Please login using your usual information and specific directions will be found there.   (Email:  Mitzy.Cook@Monroe.KYSchools.USClick here for my webpage.


Construction Carpentry (Brent Steenbergen):  Please go to my webpage and follow the link to Kentucky Safe Health and Occupational Videos (  Once you are at this site, please click on Carpentry from the choices in the box.  Choose 8 of the videos and complete the notes sheet found next to the video link on my webpage. (Email:  Brent.Steenbergen@Monroe.KYSchools.USClick here for my webpage.


Electrical Technology (Barry Wood):  Please go to my website and follow the link to Kentucky Safe Health and Occupational Videos (  Once you are at this site, please click on Electrical from the choices in the box.  Choose 8 of the videos and complete the notes sheet found next to the video link on my webpage. (Email:  Barry.Wood@Monroe.KYSchools.US )  Click here for my webpage.


Health Sciences (Jennifer Murphy):  Please login to my webpage Specific directions are listed for each class. 

Principles of Health Science & Med Terms/Emergency Procedures:  Please go to my webpage and follow the link to Kentucky Safe Health and Occupational Videos (  Once you are at this site, please click on Healthcare from the choices in the box.  Choose 8 of the videos and complete the notes sheet found next to the video link on my website. 

MNA:  Reference the posted videos for demonstrations of skills and please practice these skills as well as continue to practice all previously learned skills.  Also, please complete the three chapters (Ch. 15—Body Mechanics, Ch. 16—The Resident’s Unit, & Ch. 18—Hygiene) and the attached workbook pages. You will need your books and skills guide.

Phlebotomy:  Continue with book work in Chapters 15-17.

Pharmacy: Continue with online curriculum on  All curriculum and practice exams are open.  

(Email:  Jennifer.Murphy@Monroe.KYSchools.US )


Health Sciences (Melissa Smith) Satellite Program

Principles of health Science Use your textbook and complete handouts provided.

Use the written assignments guide for each of the 15 days with the corresponding assignments.

Phlebotomy Use your text book and the review book with practice-national exam questions and use your individual logins to online study for Phlebotomy and assignments.

MNA Use your text books, skills training manuals and vital signs equipment to work with at home. Reference my webpage (Metcalfe Co High School’s site) to view and practice using the attached videos.

Medical Terminology Use your SKYCTC required text book and complete your printed assignments. Use your workbook and binder that contains assignments for the entire course.

(Email:  Melissa.Smith@Metcalfe.KYSchools.US

Monroe County ATC Webpage                      Metcalfe High Webpage


Welding Technology (John Page):  Log into ToolingU using your usual information and complete at least 3 lessons.  If you are behind, use this time to be sure that you are caught up and completed at least 1-14.  You are welcome to complete more because the sooner we complete this curriculum, the sooner we will be in the shop with no computer lab days. (Email:  John.Page@Monroe.KYSchools.US ) Click here for my webpage.


Wood Manufacturing (Jeff Short):  Please go to my webpage and follow the link to Kentucky Safe Health and Occupational Videos (  Once you are at this site, please click on Manufacturing from the choices in the box.  Choose 8 of the videos and complete the notes sheet found next to the video link on my webpage. (Email:  Jeff.Short@Monroe.KYSchools.US )  Click here for my webpage.



*If you have two of more classes with or a combination of Jeff Short, Brent Steenbergen, and/or Barry Wood’s classes, you only need to do the OSHA (KY Safe Health and Occupational Videos and note sheet) one time and it will count in the multiple classes.

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