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If you have a scheduled pickup date with the office to pick up your locker stuff, and you want to pick up art stuff from my room, you need to let me know before Monday. I will need to go to school and find your stuff and label it and take it to the office. If you are not scheduled for a pick up, don’t worry. I will not throw away your projects. My plan is to go to school this summer when this is over and sort your projects and either deliver them to you or hold on to them to give you when school starts.
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  • COVID 19 days

    I hope you guys are still drawing and doing artwork, but the focus of the online classes will be on your core classes.  You guys will need to be doing your grade level Google classroom and packets for your grades for the remainder of the year.  I miss you guys greatly.  Please just continue to do art for fun and to do art for artistic expression.  Art can make a bad day better!

  • MCSD@home

    MCSD@home day 1-  please complete your day 1snow day packet. If you haven’t turned in your individual art projects pictures for me to print, please add them to my classroom. 

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