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Video Technology Class

Nancy Holder, teacher


Students will use technology tools to develop the skills necessary to videotape school activities for television and other productions. Students will videotape, edit, create slide shows and write stories to spotlight things going on in our school. These activities will air on the school’s TV channel 16 (Mediacom) and channel 94 (SCRTC).

Topics Covered:

  • Discuss legal issues with TV and Local Access TV
  • Responsibilities and teams
  • Dealing with problems that may occur (computers, printers, smart boards, network, programs, DVD players, live television, network cables, etc….)
  • Basic trouble shooting procedures
  • Working as a team
  • Review Internet and email procedures
  • Review all programs
  • Saving files to cd’s and flash drive
  • Working with story boards
  • Your Video should tell a story
  • Use a camera to tape activities
  • Use microphones to conduct interviews and cover stories
  • Use a tripod to tape activities
  • Use unique shots to make video better
  • Tips for questions during interviews
  • Choosing appropriate backgrounds for news stories
  • Use headshots for interviews
  • Watch “Tips for Taping” video
  • Brainstorming to find a story to cover
  • Who, What, When, Where Why----5W’s 
  • Working with pictures
  • Adding Transitions
  • Adding Music and Voice Overs
  • Explore careers in Television Production by creating a research paper
  • Chroma Key commercials
  • Creating animations
  • Continue monthly rotations
  • Create a “How To Video”


A checklist is used to evaluate performance and projects. Grades will be assigned accordingly.



*Behave like mature students.

*Represent Monroe County Middle School to the best of your ability

*No horseplaying inside of classroom or while out on assignment

*Be respectful to ALL, including your peers and adults.

*Work with other students on assignments

*Be in classroom by the time class is to start. DO NOT be tardy.

*You are the best students; you should NEVER be in ISS.

*No gum or candy when interviewing others!

*Must obey all school rules.

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