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Digital Art- Paper Crowns

Digital Art

Paper Crowns

Autumn W

Echos of the Past


  1. Sketched the character on the computer using Sketchbook Pro.
  2. Imported to the mobile version of sketchbook pro.
  3. A separate layer created the line-art using the Technical Pen.
  4. Added a layer under the line-art and added the base colors.
  5. Selected the furs base color and turned it to a light gray.
  6. Erased the parts that the light was going to hit.
  7. Selected the gray part and then used the flow airbrush to add the shading to the fur and the wings.
  8. Shading was added to the other items.
  9. Added yellow lighting to the glass part of the goggles and to the crown.
  10. Created a layer above everything and added the tears.
  11. Yellow lighting was added to the tears and turned the opacity down.
  12. Created a layer under everything and sketched out the background.
  13. Created a separate layer and used the Technical Pen to color in the purplish color.
  14. Selected the purple and used the flow brush to add the pinkish lighting.
  15. Created a layer above the clouds layer with the clouds still selected and added the yellow lighting.
  16. Used a light yellow and orange to create the light on a layer below the clouds.
  17. Created a layer above the one I just created and used the flow brush to add light.
  18. Used the Technical Pen to create rays
  19. Used the Cashmere Eraser to add the fading effect.
  20. Created a layer under everything but the sketch and added the colors of the sky.
  21. Turned the opacity down and used the speckled brush to add stars, then I set the opacity down to 24%.
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