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Feature Video- Break the Cycle

Break the Cycle

Feature Video

Tate S, Josie F, Briley F, Brinley B







Videoed using a Canon Vixia video camera, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro


Our group was inspired by our 8th grade science teacher. She tells us about her childhood and how she has become stronger. We were in production mode for over two months. During the school day, we would work on shooting our film when we finished our school work. We spent many hours editing this feature video.


To begin the editing process, we numbered our video clips so we would know where they went in the timeline. We imported all of the video clips into Adobe Premiere Pro. We recorded the voice over by plugging into computer and importing into timeline. Next we had to cut down some of the video clips to reflect where we were in the voiceover. We found music from YouTube that is royalty and copyright free. We used the same music piece over and over because we felt that it worked with what we wanted. Text was added at the beginning to somewhat mimic a "real" movie. Credits were placed at the end again like a "real" movie. To finish the process, we exported the video. Hope you enjoyed it!


Music: Suicide Note (FREE) Sad XXXTENTACION Type Piano Song (Copyright and Royalty Free)

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