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Manipulated Digital Art- Wonderful Life

Manipulated Image Produce

Wonderful Life

by Autumn W. 

Original Work Manipulated Work
Echos Wonderful Life

I used Autodesk Sketchbook.

  1. First I imported the picture of the character from the original piece and erased the eyes.

  2. I then drew the eyes closed and selected the top part of the jaw.

  3. After that I moved the jaw down a bit and went over the lines and color.

  4. The I proceeded to sketch out how I wanted the background to look.

  5. I then started to paint the background on a separate layer behind the character.

  6. I used the synthetic angular flat brush to paint the waterfall and the camo and speckle brush to make the splashes in the water.

  7. I used the technical brush to make the was and the ripples,then I took the flow airbrush to add the dark and light colors to the water.

  8. Then I used the technical pen to color in the rocks and the charcoal brush to add texture to it.

  9. I then used a green color and the camo brush to add moss to the rocks.

  10. After that i used the technical pen yet again to build the structure of my tree.

  11. I went on to create the sun and light rays in the sky with the technical pen and cashmere eraser.

  12. I then went and created my clouds and sky with the technical pen and flow airbrush.

  13. I proceeded to import my progress to the Sketchbook on my computer where I have a grass and leaf tool I created.

  14. I started to create the leaves and grass.

  15. I then created a layer above everything and used the radial fill to darken the parts farther away from the sun.

  16. I went back with white color and the flow airbrush and lightened some of the parts that the light hit.

  17. I continued with an icy blue color and the technical pen and started creating dots I then used the flow airbrush to add glow to those dots, these were my fireflies.

  18. Then i used the same icy blue color with the technical pen yet again and created a butterfly on the characters snout, I again used the flow airbrush to create a glow.

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