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PSA- Respect the Final Ride


Respect the Final Ride

Garrett T. 



Ever since I can remember, I was going to the funeral home with my grandmother. She worked at the local bank and seemed to know everyone. So when someone passed away, I would tag along with her on the days that she kept me while my parents were working. Thus the inspiration for creating this PSA. My future plans are to work at the funeral home and I volunteer every chance I get helping out doing small jobs at the funeral home.


Process: I called the local funeral home to see what I needed to do in order to shoot some video footage and take pictures at a funeral. The funeral home owner and manager both gave me permission to ride with them during a funeral. I went to three different funerals in order to get the pictures and footage that I needed to use in my PSA. I used my iPhone 5 to take pictures and Canon Vixia camera for video footage.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit my video footage. I added the pictures and video to the timeline. I added text with a box underneath so it would be easier to read the words. The opacity was turned down to 70%.

I wanted to use music someone would hear at a funeral for the background. "Amazing Grace" is almost always heard. I found music on This music is free to be used in student products. 

The video was exported.  




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