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Original Photo- Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Reece D.

Original Photo


Reece sunset



I was checking the mail when I noticed the sunset and how pretty it was.  The sky looked as if it was on fire, with orange rolling clouds. The gray clouds looked like they were casting a shadow on the orange clouds which gave the picture a 3-D appearance.  The meeting of the earth and sky on a horizontal plain which gave an impression that fog is connecting the heaven and earth but it was actually trees in the far distance.



  • I used my IPhone 6s+ to make the picture.

  • I took pictures at many different angles.      

  • I looked through the different pictures and found a few I liked.

  • I focused on the horizon and the 3-D effect.

  • The clouds cast a shadow throughout the photo, which we discussed in art class.

  • The clouds also gave a smoke effect as if the it was smoke rolling across the sky.  

  • I played with the filters but decided it looked best in original photo.

  • I turned it in for a STLP project.

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