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Multimedia- Footloose


Multimedia Content

Alison D.



Multimedia Content Used: Green screen, text, music, video footage 

I created this video to show when I interviewed at Regional STLP for the Media Crew. We had shot a few clips of us dancing for our newscast program. My teacher liked the way it looked and suggested that I interview some students and from there I created this video.



1- Videoed several pairs of feet "dancing" using Canon Vixia camera.

2- Created a list of questions to ask those that I interviewed.

3- Interviewed students using green screen background.

4- Searched for copyright free music and backgrounds. Found music on and backgrounds on

5- Added video footage, music and background picture to Adobe Premiere Pro.

6- Added footage to timeline. Edited by cutting out what wasn't necessary.

7- Used Ultra Key effects to add background picture to green screen.

8- Added title using still text.

9- Added credits using rolling text.




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