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Documentary- Immigrants at MCMS

A Documentary: Immigrants at MCMS


Bianca Q.








Technology Used- Canon Vixia Video Camera, Canon Cybershot Camera, Adobe Premiere Pro Editing Software


I wanted to created this documentary to share with others in our community of how Hispanic students have arrived to Monroe County. Even though there are just a few of us at MCMS, we can and have made an impact to our school. Some come with no English. We are able to be translators to help them in the classroom. Others play sports, on the media team, and are active in clubs and other activities. 


To begin the process of this project, I asked who would be interested in sharing their story. Only two wanted to share and I wanted to share my story too. I created a list of questions that I would ask my classmates. I found a time that they could be interviewed during the school day. I set up the video camera on a tripod and recorded their answers. When it came my time, I turned on the camera first, pushed the record button and made my way in front of the camera. I did this twice because the first time I wasn't fully in the frame. I learned that I could flip the screen around so that I could see what was happening. I imported the video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro and edited the footage deciding what needed to be cut. I added titles and found music from YouTube's copyright free Audio Library. I created a poster and made a picture of all Hispanic students in our school. These pictures were added to the timeline too. I produced the video and there you have it.

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