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Graphic- Key Master

Key Master

Graphic Design

Buck L.




This piece was created in my Computer rotation class. We had began to use Google Draw. Our teacher had showed us how to insert shapes, change background colors and add text. My inspiration came from the set of keys that our teacher wears around her neck. I also sit in front of the room and able to see the door lock.


1- Drew the "F" using three rectangles.

2- Drew the  circle at the bottom of the F.

3- Decided to change the color to black. This allowed the circle to fit at the bottom of the F without having to do anything extra.

4- Added KM. Changed color to use gradient mixed red and white.

5- Added circle behind the F key. 

5- Background color changed to black.

6- Added the words KeyMaster in the bottom right corner.

7- Used the same gradient color.

8- To tie it together, used the same gradient color in the circle.


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