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Multimedia Content- Keeping Up with the Falcons

Keeping Up with the Falcons Intro


Tate S.




Multimedia Content Use- Text, green screen, audio, video


This piece was created as the intro for our bi-weekly newscast in the Media Class. We wanted to create a piece that would be used each week to share who was in the media class and responsible for the newscast.



1- Found a piece of copyright free music on YouTube that everyone liked.

2- Videoed each student using Canon Vixia video camera. We used the green screen a background.

3- Imported video clip to Adobe Premiere Pro.

4- Imported music and added to timeline.

5- Added all clips to timeline. Edited each clip to meet the timing of the music.

6- Added text to identify each student.

7- Found copyright free video clip to use as background. 

8- Used Ultra Key effect to add background.

9- Added to title. This was created to by typing each letter on an individual title page. This part was time consuming.

10- Exported the finished product.




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