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Documentary- Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael- Our Version

Jameson P





Technology Used: Canon Vixia Camera, Adobe Premiere Pro editing software, Green Screen 


Our school's news program has a weather segment. I created this video as part of this. We showed this a few days after Hurricane Michael had moved into the Panhandle. My favorite was "being" in the hurricane. 

First thing I needed to do was research a little about Hurricane Michael. I set up the green screen and had a desk in front to be more like the local TV station. I had my friend video me for my part of the footage. We used two cameras to show different angles. All parts of the video were made in front of the green screen. 

I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit my video. I inserted all clips onto the timeline. I cut what wasn't needed. Next I used Ultra Key for the green screen. We have discovered that Ultra Key works best especially when we do not pull the green screen tight or someone has moved it and we start filming before realizing it. I searched PhotosforClass for pictures to use on the background. I used Pixabay to find copyright free video clip. Music was located on YouTube's Audio Library. Pictures, video clip and music were saved to the desktop and imported into Premiere Pro. I added these to the timeline. I added titles. When I was satisfied with how it looked, I exported the clip.  

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