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Library Policies

Library Policies and Procedures


Mission: The mission of Monroe County Middle School Library is to empower students to become life-long learners and readers and leaders through literature while incorporating 21st Century Skills.

Hours: The library hours are 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Extended time is available upon request. When Miss Holder is in the library, you may check out a book.

Schedule: Students will visit the library with reading teacher twice a month. Students may visit on their own time with the permission of classroom teacher/principal.

Miss Holder has class during 1st, 3rd, 7th, and advisory but students may visit during these times. 

Student Checkout/Return: Students are limited to checking out 1 book at a time. Books are due within two weeks or may be rechecked. Book must be turned in for another book can be checked out. 

Each student has a library ID card printed with name and barcode. When checking out a book, find your card in the appropriate grade-level box. Present this to the library worker to check out your book.

Before leaving the library, it is important to keep the library need. Please push up chairs.throw away trash, and push books together and bring to front of shelves.

When returning a book, place book in the Book Return. Never place on circulation desk or back on shelf. It needs to be returned into the circulation system so you will not have an overdue book. 

Book Care: Take care of books that you have checked out of the library. ALWAYS use a bookmark to mark your place in your book. NEVER turn down the corners of the page. Keep books out of the reach of pets, small children and liquids. 

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