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Digital Music- Kingdom Come

Digital Music

"Kingdom Come"

James H.



Kingdom Come



When I first began starting this composition, the first thing I had to do was decide was kind of theme I wanted.  I strived for picking something that I feel I could accomplish while also picking something that I would enjoy creating at the same time.  After that, I was ready to begin working on the actual notation of my idea.

When composing this piece, I had to figure out what I wanted the basis of song should be.  What I mean by this is that I needed something to hold the music together. I successfully accomplished this by using my Tuba and Euphonium with a simple melody that I could use to hold the rest of my music together.

After finding a melody that I felt could work with, began the most exciting yet difficult part of the song, which was determining what the main focus of the song should be.  When I had gotten to this point, I had already mostly figured out what I had wanted. When I compose, I usually hum or play something I think sounds musically appealing and go off of that.  This method applied to this part, and I hummed something that I thought sounded medieval, notated it, played it, and believed it to be good enough to be the entire focus of my composition. Of course, I added different interludes between the Trombone part, which would be when the Trumpet takes over while the Trombone backup plays.  Also when the Tuba and Euphonium has their own little duet going on while the Trombone and Trumpet are silent.

This concludes the process of how I composed the piece.  I tried my best to explain it as best as possible. I hope you can enjoy my piece.

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