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Digital Art- Asuka



(Meaning- Female,Tomorrow; Smell, Perfume)

By Alexis R.




This original piece of art was created using Ibispaint X on my iPhone.

For my drawing, the first thing that I started to work on was the avatar. I started with the head then worked on down.

The next thing I did in my drawing was add some color to it. I used a color scheme that was mainly grey’s. Then after the coloring was finished, I went in and I shaded some areas with a slightly darker version of that specific color. After that I went around the edges and made sure that there were no messy spots that needed to be fixed.

When the drawing itself was done, I added a couple more layers for the background.

For the background, I used two colors: Purple and a Coral sort of color. I went darker into those colors and blended them to look sort of ombre and made it look like stained paper I guess. After that,I drew a line through the middle of the background and added some details on it for a bit of addition to the background so it didn’t look so plain.I used a glitch filter to make the effect of her glitching as an extra detail too. I always finish my piece by signing my initials.

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