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Original Photo- Nature's Beauty

"Nature's Beauty"

Original Photo



by Kendra S.



This original photo was captured using my iPhone XR. The picture is straight from my phone from Live Photo mode.  

The image is layered by nature of a plant bush. What sparked my idea for submitting this as my original photo is the vibrant green color the leaves portrayed. The leaves’ dimensions really intrigued me to get the right angle in order to do justice this bush’s beauty deserves. I also chose a rainy day to take this picture in hope it would make them stand out more and capture a raindrop or two for more depth in this picture. I walked by this plant everyday on the way to school and there was something about it that always caught my attention. When I first chose original photo as my project for STLP, I had no idea what I wanted to submit. It was quite difficult at first to find something I was happy and confident with submitting. Ultimately, this picture brings me joy and calmness when I see it. This picture is only a small portion of nature ́s true beauty.

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